Negative Publicity Received By The New iPad

Today, every person who is fascinated with Apple products wants to own a New iPad because of all the hype, it is the talk of the town despite all the negative publicity that it is receiving.

Reports Of New iPad Showing Inaccurate Battery Levels While Charging

A recent report has claimed that the third-generation iPad continues to draw a significant amount of wattage after displaying a “100%” battery level. This happens when the New iPad is charging. This sounds really bizarre that a tablet made by one of the most reputed technology giants in the world continues to charge even after…

Double-Battery Powered iPad 3 coming This January?

Last weekend, we reported that the rumors of the third generation iPad (unofficially named as iPad 3 by Apple fanboys) to be released next year on 24 February 2012, the birthday of Steve Jobs, were spreading like wild fire.