Two Thirds Of All Tablets Shipped Are iPads

Samsung and Amazon may have a heart burn. In the world of tablet computers, the iPad is legitimately a dominant force in the industry of tablets and it is a brilliant success for Apple by all accounts.

Apple Settled For Plan B With New iPad?

The latest report from CNET highlights some interesting comments made by DisplayMate‘s CEO Raymond Soneira. The company is in the video diagnostics business. It calibrates and tests displays for manufacturers.

New iPad Launches in 12 New Countries

Last week, it was reported that the new iPad (also known as iPad 3) would be launched in 21 countries by April end. However, last weekend, in a surprise movie to many, the New iPad was successfully launched in 12 countries.

Negative Publicity Received By The New iPad

Today, every person who is fascinated with Apple products wants to own a New iPad because of all the hype, it is the talk of the town despite all the negative publicity that it is receiving.

New iPad Launches In 24 Countries

Earlier this week, we reported that the New iPad would be launched in 24 countries on Friday, 23 March 2012. If you live in one of these countries and your local time is past 8 AM, you can buy new iPad. In some countries, 23 March is still few hours away.