Apple Settles Trademark Dispute With Proview For $60 Million

Might is right! No matter whether you are right or wrong, the victory belongs to the one who is more powerful. Super-heroes may have defeated villains that were more powerful than them (heroes) in comics but this does not happen in real life. At least, not in China.

China Approves Sale Of Apple 3G Device

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Has reported that China’s Telecommunication Equipment Certification Center has approved license for the sale of an unnamed 3G device from Apple.

Proview Declines Apple’s Settlement Offer?

Proview wants to harass Apple, just because Apple is an American company. Despite insisting on out of court settlement, Proview is dragging the argument with Apple which it is calling settlement talks.

Chinese Official Says Proview Owns iPad Trademark In China

Nobody would have thought that some funky capitalization could cause so much trouble. Proview, the purveyor of that 90s-era all-in-one called the iPAD fighting on to ensure not to let the rights to the iPad name being owned by iPad maker Apple, despite selling those rights to the latter.

Apple Accuses Proview Of Misleading Courts And Customers

Apple and Proview have been going through a series court battles against each other over “iPad” trademark. Apple had purchased iPad trademark from Proview years ago. However, Proview is now rejecting Apple’s claim which lead to legal tangle.