Tim Cook On Apple’s Patent Battles

Apple uses its financial earnings calls not only to make announcements regarding its quarterly performance, but also to offer analysts a chance to ask questions.

Apple Sued Over Touch-Based Products

FlatWorld, a Pennsylvania-based company, is filing a new lawsuit against Apple for patent infringement in California’s Northern District Court in San Francisco.

Apple May Make Nano-SIM Royalty Free

Apple is prepared to make their Nano- Subscriber Identity Module (Nano-SIM) technology royalty-free if it becomes the standard. A new report on Foss Patents has said that.

Roundup: Read Rolling Stone On Your iPad

You can stop figuring out where to keep all the Rolling Stone magazines you purchased in your small house as you would be able to read it on iPad.

Apple Working on Unique ‘Privacy Mode Option’

Apple has file a new patent that would bring up privacy mode options and ability to change the angle of the display. According to PatentlyApple, Apple has filed a patent for a display that could implement ‘privacy mode’ by steering light towards the intended viewer.

Apple Awarded Patent for Unreleased iPad – Landscape Dock Connector

Before the released of design, Apple has been awarded Patent. According to Patently, “Apple has been awarded the patent for an unreleased iPad design that features a landscape dock connector. Even before the iPad’s original release it was rumored that the device would include two connectors; however, that rumor never materialized.” “Apple has been granted…