Morgan Stanley Raises Price Target For Apple Stock

Morgan Stanley’s Katy Huberty has displayed a new note to clients with three new price targets for Apple’s stock. According to her analysis of the market and Apple, the bull case price is now $960, the base case is now $720. She mentioned the bear case is $405.

Apple Stock Still Increasing Despite Analyst Predictions

Without any obstacle, Apple’s stock is rising upward trend with the current price increasing by 5.83% since last week’s unveiling of the new iPad. The current price has shocked many stock advisors who thought that the release od the New iPad would provide a good opportunity to sell.

Steve Wozniak Says That Apple’s Stock Could Hit $1000

We recently reported about Apple’s worth being $500, 000, 000, 000. Now price of Apple’s stock has soared to astronomical heights over the last 18 months. On 29 February 2012, Apple stock closed at another record high and the company become more valuable than the GDP of Poland.

Apple Now Worth $ 500,000,000,000

The value of Apple’s stocks and shares has increased in the market, thanks to the success of iPhone 4S and all anticipation about now officially coming next week, iPad 3. The marketcap of Apple has hit $500 billion dollars. That is a lot of money.