Madrid Spain Apple Store Opening This Weekend

Last month, we reported that Apple was planning to open a new store in Madrid. At the time of this news report being written, the opening of the store is just few hours away.

Apple Stores Coming To Germany, Spain Australia And France

In October 2011, there were various reports about the company planning to spend approximately $900 million on retail stores during 2012. The investment would account for the opening of roughly 40 new locations throughout the year.

Apple Planning To Build Mega Apple Store In Paris

Apple values quality. It never settles for second best. When Apple decided to open a new store in London, it chose Harrods. Now Apple is planning a Mega Store in Paris. It has chosen Champs-Élysées as the location. However, at this moment, this should be seen as a rumor because Apple has not confirmed this…

Apple Planning “Prototype” Apple Store in Palo Alto

Apple is planning to open a new and larger Apple retail store in Palo Alto. According to the reports published in The San Jose Mercury News, the spot was pitched to the city as a prototype design should be including a commons space for Apple’s community of customers to gather. The store is being planned…