New Apple TV Arrives In Brazil

On Monday, 30 April 2012, the new Apple TV made its debut in Brazil. However, it is carrying a pretty hefty price tag on the way.

iOS 5.1 Jailbreak Released For Apple TV 2

Nowadays everybody following jail breaking news excepts whether the new jail breaking tweak can jail break the new iPad or add something new to iOS 5.1. At this moment if you see a new jail break for Apple TV, you must be curious to know what it is about.

Sell PC Products And Get Apple TV As A Gift

If you are in the business selling PC hardware or software, you may have have a chance to own an Apple TV that you would receive as a gift. You should register now to attend the PCR Retail Boot Camp. And all retailers attending will go home with a VIP Gift Bag, including a free…

New Apple TV Shipping On 8 March?

For past few weeks, there are rumors, circulating that a new Apple TV is on its way from Apple. A report indicated that the third-generation Apple TV will be announced at Apple’s media event in California on 7 March 2012.

New Apple TV Launching With iPad 3

Apart from the rumors of the launch of a new TV Set called iTV, the rumors of the launch of new Apple TV have started ever since, Apple TV hobby was pulled from the retail shelves and Apple’s online store.

Apple TV Pulled From Retail Shelves And Online Stores

Last week, Apple TV sold out across numerous websites. In a bizarre turn of events, Apple’s hobby is being pulled from big-box retailers physical and online stores as well. You must be wondering why? So are we.