Low iPhone demand might lead to a ban on Samsung products!

By now, everyone has at least heard the rumors that Apple may be experiencing low demand for its iPhone 5. Now here is an interesting perspective on things: This slump in sales could actually get Samsung products banned. Apple secured a major victory in its patent battle with Samsung last August, when a U.S. jury…

The Battle Continues

Apple and Samsung are back with their usual “patent battles” again. This latest Samsung/Apple lawsuit is expected to hit the courts by March 2014 and therefore both parties are busy gathering arms.. Oops! I meant rival products. What I meant was, since there is ample of time before the trial takes place; both the companies…

Apple vs. Rest Of The World

For the past few years we have witnessed a series of patent infringement cases involving same old companies with other different parties such as, Google vs. Apple, Apple vs. Samsung, Apple vs. Kodak etc. According to a recent study from Kanzatec IP group, Apple is involved in 60% of all the major mobile patent suits.

UK Judge Tells Apple To Acknowledge Samsung Did Not Copy iPad

Quoting a Bloomberg report, Business Insider reported that a UK judge has ruled Apple must display on its UK website and in British newspapers a notice acknowledging that Samsung did not copy the design of the iPad with its Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Court Rejects Bid For Secrecy In Apple Samsung Patent Case

The series of court battles between Apple and Samsung has been going on for more than a year. A victory by one tech giant over the other is a good news for the victor and such victories also includes the rejection of an appeal of the losing tech giant in court.

UK Court Awards Samsung Win In Design Suit

Apple cannot understand whether it should feel happy about the fact that iPad is “more cool” than Galaxy Tab, or should it feel bad that lost a lawsuit against Samsung.