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Apple Roundup 2012: Capping off an eventful year!

What an year its been for Apple. From being hailed as the most valuable company to the infamous Apple Maps Fiasco, its been an exciting ride for the Cupertino based behemoth.Screen Shot 2012-12-27 at 5.14.52 PM Even with the occasional setback, Apple proved once again why it’s widely regarded as one of the industry’s best innovators. Lets take a look at the most prominent events for Apple in 2012.

1) Tim Cook at the helm
After the tragic death of company’s visionary founder Steve Jobs last October, following his long battle with pancreatic cancer, Tim Cook has taken over for more than a year, and he sure has been busy. Cook has outed new versions of the iPhone, iPad, and iMac, as well the completely new iPad Mini in addition to fighting a long drawn court battle with Samsung. Having recently bagged the runner-up to Time magazine’s 2012 Person of the Year, Things are definitely looking good for Mr Cook.

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