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Apple’s Impact on Retail

Allthingsd reports about AT&T's new retail store. The new-look stores, which are rolling out nationwide, feature lots of wood, lots of products to try out — and no check-out counters. Instead, workers with tablets will be able to help customers face-to-face throughout the store. They are inspired by Apple Retail Stores. Apple
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AT&T releases Turn-by-Turn App in the US App Store

AT&T releases Turn-by-Turn App for the US iPhone users.There are many new GPS apps being released in the App Store since 3.0 launch. The AT&T Navigator is free to download, but there's subscription charges of $9.99 billed every month of usage. AT&T Navigator was developed in partnership will TeleNav and includes
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AT&T Exhibit LTE With ‘Real-World’ 28.8 Mbps download speeds

During a tour of AT&T Foundry space in Plano, Texas the company exhibit its upcoming 4G Long Term Evolution Network to GigaOM.

AT&T expects to get ‘real-world’ speeds of around 28 Mbps down and 10 Mbps up. That is over double the speeds that Verizon has promised customers. AT&T also convey that in the last four quarters, it has recovered $125 billion in revenue, and billions of dollars in capital investments in its network.

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