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iOS Multitasking

The functioning of iOS backgrounding is frequently wondered about. The iOS backgrounding is different from the traditional multitasking. According to traditional multitasking, when you multitask on your desktop, every program you open runs. This consumes the battery of your computer and creates pressure(and possible overload) on your RAM. On the other
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How to quit a Background Application

Here are the steps that has to be follow in-order to quit a background application. Step 1. The first step require you to quite an app from running in the background, You simply need to double press the Home button to bring up the multitasking menu. Step 2. Now press and hold any icon
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iOS 3rd most popular after Windows, Mac

According to Net Applications, they have reported that iOS has passed Linux to become the third most popular platform accessing the World Wide Web. With a 1.1% share, they’re still behind big brother Mac OS X’s 5% and way behind Windows all-encompassing 91.3% share. However, for a mobile OS, particularly
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