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Students gripe, banned lifted on iPod

iPods have been an integral part of school going goers but the banned in schools from Australia to Idaho by officials citing reasons from cheating to social isolation causes hues and cry. Here one Massachusetts school students prevented the ban saying that the MP3 devices help them study. “When
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More Light About 943-Apps Banned Developer

Previously we reported on a story about developer Khalid Shaikh.His developer account was terminated by Apple over third-party complaints, which resulted in the removal of all of his apps from the App Store. He had several hundred apps under his name in the App Store, many of which seemed to
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Apple Bans Developer and his whooping 943 Apps!

Apple did it again. As we know, the process of approval of applications is a fairly abstract concept, very subjective and dependent on various reviewers.

Khalid Shaikh, founder of Perfect Acumen, was just banned from the App Store, according to MobileCrunch.Apparently, he and his staff launched 943 apps over the past nine months using a method of distribution practiced by bulk publishers who basically just package crap and offer it in the App Store while hoping their search terms succeed at drawing in unlucky buyers.

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