iOS 5.0.1 will forget all the contacts in your phone

When Apple had released iOS 5.0.1, it claimed that bug causing the sppedy drainage of the battery in iPhone 4S would be fixed and the battery of iPhone 4S would have a longer life. However, iOS 5.0.1 failed to fix the bug. Users still see the battery of iPhone 4S getting drained rapidly.

iOS 5.0.1 fixes bug plaguing battery life

People who were unhappy to see the batteries of their iPhone 4S and iPad getting drained so quickly have a reason to smile. Apple has released iOS 5.0.1 that fixes these problems. Apple claims that this update fixes the bugs that plague the battery life and document syncing. It also re-enables the app switching gestures…

How to get First Over-The-Air iOS Update [TUTORIAL]

This past Thursday, Apple released iOS 5.0.1 to solve the battery related problems of many gadgets including iPhone 4S. Apple aimed to put a rest to the complaints. This release is the first ever test by Apple for its new Over-The-Air (OTA) update system.