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iTunes and App Store Cashing Billions For Apple

iTunes and App Store considered as Apple’s cashing giants where claimed as a not so yielding source to Apple. But it has surprisingly been the major profit earner for Apple.

Many never really took Apple’s claims that the iTunes and App Store didn’t generate much profit, but Asymco blogger Horace Dediu revealed some very convincing numbers using data published by Apple during last weeks WWDC.

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Intel shots record $11.1 billions revenue

By looking at the figure, it looks like Intel's is having its best quarter ever all over again: this time, the company's reporting $3.0 billion in profit on a record $11.1 billion in revenue. Chipzilla attributes the surplus to three percent increases in laptop and server chips sales respectively, but
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A cut above the rest.

According to reports shown by Forbes Apple has topped the Forbes list of the ‘World’s Most Valuable Brands’. Apparently Apple has won over giants like Microsoft and Coca Cola. Apple growth is ever dominating! Its not merely about figures but about the magnificent picture that the company portrays in the minds
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