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Mommy Child Wearable, Life Made Easy


A wild child, a daring child, an adventurous child, any or all of the three childs can be taken care by Tinitell. This utilitarian GPS tracker for children will take away considerable amount of a mom’s stress and save her from the running around in every few minutes. Tinitell will allow you to communicate with your child in a new way. The device is a wearable phone and a GPS tracker for kids. The functionality of Tinitell is engineered in the form of a wristband for kids.

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Update on iBeacon and Indoor Locations

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 10.30.29 PM
Virgin Atlantic Airline today announced the addition of Apple’s iBeacon technology into London’s Heathrow Airport. The airway will be procuring beacons from startup Estimote which will be installed in the airport to send customised messages, promotional offers and deals to the passengers. iBeacon will work in sync with Passbook app for iPhone to deliver this feature.

A Beacon is a small wireless device which is to be placed in a physical space and it broadcasts tiny radio signals to smart devices. Beacons enable exchange of data and information in a retail setup.

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Wiimote talks to the iPhone via Bluetooth

BTStack, the name of the new project that will allow the Wiimote to communicate with the iPhone via Bluetooth. The video posted below shows the 3D representative controller (using Open GL ES) via Bluetooth. It is all thanks to the Compass that's in the iPhone 3GS to make this happen.
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