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Trash Freezing Incidents in Snow Leopard

Numerous Mac users who have upgraded to the latest Mac OS X release, 10.6 Snow Leopard, have informed us of a problem which causes the trash to freeze upon emptying it, when it is set to be emptied securely. At first, we believed it to be isolated incidents, but reports
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Apple knows about the data loss issue

Yesterday, we warned about a major bug in Snow Leopard that deletes all user data if you log in to your guest account. The bug was first mentioned in Apple’s discussion forum and was actually mentioned several times before Neowin brought the history and it became known to all news
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New Threat For OS 3.0.1, Still Not Safe

Let me start of by telling you guys that yes, apple did fix the 3.0.1 threat of Miller's, but MuscleNerd, of the Dev-Team, has received a new hack by Luis Miras and Zane Lackey. Leaving the firmware 3.0.1 not safe, again! The problem is the operator problem and has already been
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