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Netflix Streaming in US available for some

Netflix has just added a streaming-only option, but it’s not available to all US subscribers. Formerly it was available in Canada. But we can expect potentially available in the US by the end of the year It was also heard that some subscribers are already being offered the disc-free option
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Yes Yes Yes, 3GS 8GB is on the Way!

A Rogers Wireless iPhone compression website confirms to sweet rumor and alleged screenshots of the company's internal retail software revealing a 8 GB iPhone 3GS model. Now, this "iPhone Comparison" tab on Rogers' iPhone 3GS page contains a chart listing the features of the iPhone 3G and 3GS, noting near the bottom that
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iPhone supplies dwindle in Canada

Our neighbors to the north are grumbling about the lack of 3GS iPhones. The major suppliers, Fido and Rogers, are both reporting they are sold out pretty much across the country. Some Apple Stores in Canada have them in stock, but a couple of calls revealed that even Apple Stores
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