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ChatON – An Expressive Messenger Indeed!

Social networking has become serious business and messengers are continuing to please people all over the world. So every now and then you get to see additions to the market. But the ones which stick around have one thing in common. Luring features combined with smart and easy usability.
I have spent two weeks with a messenger and the conclusion is it has totally spoiled me.
ChatON, a messenger by Samsung Electronics CO.LTD. falls in a new class of social networking messengers. I’m here to tell you what’s in it.

I know I should take you through its features in a logical order but I am compelled to open with what makes this messenger shine in it’s glory. I heard this app has more features than a normal messenger and so naturally I was first looking for what it has that my current one doesn’t. A freehand drawing board! If you are a person who is filled with much more than words then this one will be a joy ride.
I’m on my way to meet a friend. My hair is a big mess  and I wish to send a warning before she see it in 3D. Well, it’s either that or one of my tricks to further my career as an artist. All tools on your palette are great. There are great backgrounds and fun stickers you can paste on your drawing. Once you’re done you can send it instantly. Now here’s the best part: If you choose to send it in the animated form, it will send a fast clip on the way you drew it. That’s brilliant!

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