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Rumors about China Telecom in talks for CDMA iPhone

In the U.S., the question has been who will join AT&T to offer the iPhone. In Asia, China Telecom is the latest name mentioned to join Apple’s current exclusive carrier, China Unicom. A report shows a Deutsche Bank analyst claiming China Unicom’s exclusive iPhone arrangement could “likely come to an
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China to get iPhone4 early next month

        Just weeks after beginning sales of a WiFi-enabled iPhone 3GS in the Chinese market, Apple is now all set to launch iPhone4 as early as next month in china with carrier partner China Unicom.  A Report by MarketWatch, said a China Unicom source acknowledged that iPhone 4 will ship in the
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iPhone Finally Hits the Chinese Market

Today, the iPhone finally got through the Great Wall, and can now be purchased in China. iPhone can only be bought with the carrier China Unicom and it’s priced from 4,999 yuan to 6,999 yuan (approximately $730 to $1,025) for the high-end, 32-gigabyte iPhone 3GS, which can be a problem
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