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Christmas catalog for iPad: Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus is distributing its legendary Christmas wish book via the iPad. Since 1926, this luxury retail chain Neiman Marcus has been sending out their lavish Christmas catalogs to their best customers and obviously people who have more money than sense. Well, the catalogs will surely attracts customers but this Christmas
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Big Holiday Contest!

We’re all in a holiday spirit and a holiday spirit means a lot of gifts, also from us the Apple Bites to you. And that’s why we have been busy gathering all sorts of prizes and promo codes from developers. And we’ve gathered a lot to give away to you all.

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Appvent Calendar: Free Apps for Christmas

Blacksmithgames.com is in good mood this year and offers free applications every day from december 1th until december 22nd. But wait, if it’s an advent calendar, why doesn’t it count to 24? There is of course a reason, and it is that they will announce “other great surprises” these two days.
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