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Upcoming Acer Tablets in November

Earlier, Acer execs have scorned Apple’s iPad, the company has decided if you can’t lick ‘em, join ‘em. The Acer tabs are coming just in time for the holidays. Acer has seen its sales dip severely as customers chose the iPad over their line of netbooks, so now the company is
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You can expect Netflix streaming soon

Netflix has tested a streaming-only option in Canada with great success. Will disc-free Netflix be coming to the US in the near future? Netflix has evolved into a one-stop entertainment portal that offers options including DVDs in whatever quantity you’re willing to pay for, from one-at-a-time to all-you-can-watch, plus thousands of
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You can expect iTunes subscriptions Soon?

You can expect iTunes music subscription service soon, as one NYC daily thinks so. Well this is what Apple customers really want? According to the New York Post, Apple is currently in negotiations to launch an iTunes subscription service for iPad, iPhone and iPad Touch with tiered pricing from $10 to
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