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Spotify Proclaim Long Awaited US Influx

The much awaited Spotify arrival has been announced yesterday in the United States. Spotify is extremely popular online music service in Europe and earlier many predicts that Spotify will place the streaming service to a challenges with Apple iTunes and now finally Spotify has arrived to States.

Spotify has already began asking the potential users to sign up for notifications and that way they could become the first US residents to test previously European-exclusive service. Spotify reports on their site, “The award-winning music service that’s taken Europe by storm will soon be landing on US shores.” Spotify also announced that millions of track are set to play right away on your computers and phone.

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Neilsen says iPhone Growing But Android Flat

Neilsen’s recent survey report shows the raise in the sale of smartphones. According to the report, Sale of smartphones in US have raised from 32% to 55%.

Also, the growth of smartphones has been due to the popularity of Apple iPhone and Google’s Android devices. At the end of 2010, the sales growth has increased by 17% and has remained steady till May this year with Windows Phone 7.

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Apple Complete Ownership of Nortel Patents

Around $2billion of its syndicate $4.5 billion, Apple has built the winning bid for Nortel’s patent thus creating the complete ownership of a number of patents. Here, Cringely revealed that Ericsson and RIM has united mutually to generate $1.1 billion to bid with Ericsson getting the fully paid-up license and also RIM getting the License along with some operating losses from Nortel.

Not only had the above companies coming together to bid for some patents but also Microsoft and Sony has contributed $1billion for bidding to some patents. It was also heard that EMC has generated $400 million for single unspecified subset of patents.

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Apple Pressurized by Motorola

Motorola giving a number of successful releases in the past few months like the 4.3” Android Gingerbread (2.3) Smartphone, followed by Atrix 4G at CES 2011 in Los Angeles has reached the top of charts because of its 4” qHD display ( 960 X 540), dual core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor and Android 2.2 OS. The 11.6” laptop dock made by Motorola was an opponent for the Atrix 4G.

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MobileMe First hosted on Apple’s Servers, Then Amazon & Now Likely iCloud

Lot of people are expecting Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC 2011) to be quite different then other year which is set for June – announcements for iOS 5 and Mac OS X Lion and also the company launch of its cloud-based music streaming service called as iCloud. Amazon and Google have both launched online music services of their own in order to compete Apple’s iCloud launch.

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Microsoft to Acquire Skype for $8 Billion

Microsoft is reportedly close to a deal to buy Skype for $7 to $8 billion dollars, according to the WSJ. The acquisition could be announced as early as Tuesday but negotiations are not yet finalized. Here the representatives for Microsoft and Skype declined to comment on this report. Read more: "At
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