Fixes iTunes crash in MacBook Airs 2010 by 10.6.7 supplemental update

ModMyi reports that the users with a late model MacBook Air should have notice the glaring bug in 10.6.7. When a user use a MacBook Air running 10.6.7, and open iTunes, play a song and just within a minute or two the laptop experience freeze, and the only thing to do is a hard reboot….

Some Cydia Apps reports incompatible with iOS 4.3.1 [jailbreak]

Reports are coming up that after PwnageTool and RedsnOw release for iOS 4.3.1, users are now experiencing crash on number of popular Apps and tweaks. Some of the Apps being reported as incompatible with iOS 4.3.1 are backgrounder, Shrink, Action Menu, and DisplayRecorder. [Via]

iPod Classics crash after being hooked up to iTunes 9

During the last couple of weeks a lot of cases have been reported where an iPod Classic crashes, in many cases beyond repair, when being hooked up to iTunes 9. The cases of which we know mostly concern iTunes 9 for Windows, but Mac OSX may also be affected by this harmful threat.