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Swype Alternative Keyboard for Android ported to iDevice

Swype the most admired alternative keyboard for Android has been unofficial harbor to iOS device and now presently available on Cydia. Swype works through swiping instead of tapping the letters on keyboard. Swype is simple to use, you just need to swipe the finger i.e between the letters without the need to lift it to input words.

Swype for iOS was unofficially harbor by Andrew Liu I but in a recent interview by GeekWire, Swype CEO mentioned that the jailbreak app was not mean to be ported but intended to bring Swype like user interface to iOS device as some of key parts such as blue tracer are missing.

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Jailbreak Tweaks That Duplicate Features in iOS 5

Subsequent to the eventual list of new features in iOS  5 as expected, it is time for Apple to be obliged to the jailbreak community. Nevertheless, Apple has had its eye on the Cydia’s leading edge for quite some time now irrespective of whether jailbreak apps are affecting Apple or not.

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6 highest rated Cydia Apps for your iPhone[Jailbreak]

Here are the 6 highest rated Cydia Apps for your iPhone. 1. iTextUploader Repo: BigBoss Version: 2.5.0 Author: MyselftDev Section: Messaging Size: 173482 bytes iTextUploader is an iPhone application which allows you to upload your SMS database. iTextUploader works together with YouArchive to store your precious messages. Whenever or wherever you can browse your archive instantly from iTextUploader.
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