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Reasons behind the delay of iPad 2

For sometime, we have been hearing about the shortages of component to manufacture the iPad 2 due to devastation in Japan now seems to be coming in place. HIS iSuppli also reported that a company expected to supply the hardened glass overlay for the iPad 2 has admitted that one of
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You can expect iTunes subscriptions Soon?

You can expect iTunes music subscription service soon, as one NYC daily thinks so. Well this is what Apple customers really want? According to the New York Post, Apple is currently in negotiations to launch an iTunes subscription service for iPad, iPhone and iPad Touch with tiered pricing from $10 to
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iPod problems may cause arrival delay

There is much ongoing speculation of which products are to be announced at the upcoming keynote, but so far it’s been pretty certain that a new line of iPods will be introduced. However, many sites are reportedly claiming to believe that Apple is experiencing technical issues with the new models,
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