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Cult of Mac was been downgraded by Google

Last week Cult of Mac was demote by the changes Google has made to its algorithm to re-rank content farms like Demand Media. Some list of the effected sites were British Medical Journal, PR Newswire, and one of the earliest online communities, The Well. According to an analysis by Sistrix, "An
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Downgrade iPhone 3g baseband 2.30 to 2.28

For those who have wanted to unlock their iPhone 3G but have updated to the 2.30 baseband, hope is now here. Thanks to the work of dev pH, a tool has been created to downgrade your baseband, and allow a unlock to occur once again. To run the pHaseBanDowngrader, connect via
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3.0 Update Problems and Possible Solutions

People who are on 3G 3.0, I figured out why some people are not 1. Receiving calls but able to make calls 2. Wifi is not working properly 3. Struck at apple logo when some apps installed This is primarily due to 1. If you have UPGRADED (clicking on 'upgrade' button in itunes) your
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