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Second hacker charged with AT&T data thief released

The second hacker Andrew Auernheimer charged outing an AT&T security breach that exposed over 120,000 iPad 3G customers’ personal data was released on bail yesterday after he had been held behind bars since mid-January. Andrew and Daniel Spitler, both in their mid-20s and members of the Goatse Security group, were each
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Wal-Mart formulating to Offer iPad

Wal-Mart are expecting to begin offering the iPad for sale in its U.S. retail stores “later this year”. Keeping in mind about the holiday shopping season rapidly approaching and rival Target launching the device in over 1700 stores around the United States just this past weekend, speculation are going
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iPhone Hack Exposed: The Key Facts

As we reported earlier today, security experts Charlie Miller and Collin Mulliner have exposed an iPhone virus that could allow criminals to control your phone just by sending a single text message (SMS). Their presentation, at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, is making a lot of waves, but the details are scattered or overly technical for most iPhone owners.

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