Apple Settles Australian 4G iPad Dispute

Despite its earlier decision to defend 4 Branding, Apple has blinked now. The iPad-maker has taken a lot of heat over the use of the 4G term in the name of its latest iPad.

Apple Will Defend iPad “4G” Branding In Australia

Recently, the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) had accused Apple of deceiving consumers by labeling the third generation iPad (also known as iPad 3 or New iPad) as a 4G product. The Cupertino California-based company denied the claims, saying that they never marketed the device as being compatible with Australia’s 4G networks.

Apple Sending Out Refund Info To Australian Customers

After offering refund to save its face over accusations of creating a misleading advertisement, Apple has started sending out emails to Australian customers of the new iPad who may have been misled about the advertised “4G” capabilities.

After Australia, Apple Faces Heat In Norway

After facing heat in Australia for misleading advertisement, Apple is facing a new complaint over same issue, this time in Norway, Sweden and United Kingdom. Speculations of other countries doing an Australia regarding misleading advertisement of the New iPad are coming true.

Apple Clarifies iPad 4G In Australia

Apple is under fire for its iPad 4G marketing in Australia because the new iPad is not compatible with 4G in Australia. Apple is facing legal action from a consumer watchdog group which claims the company’s advertising is misleading.