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Crazy Apple fan again at Sydney

The above pic shows Apple faithful fan outside the Apple Store last night to buy the latest iPad tablet computer, which went on sale at 5pm. It was learn that more than 300 people were outside Apple's store in George Street, Sydney, when 5pm finally came around. People who were first in
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Trailer of Geohot Biopic: Unlocked

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8g73GfmTtUM Speaking of jailbreaks, check out this trailer for Unlocked. Well, we can even say as a mock biopic in the style of The Social Network incorporating footage from his various media appearances as also as a movie starring The Wire’s Ziggy. To be frank, the trailer is splendid and the one
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iPad 3G captivated Saudi Arabia King

Apple iPad has got a new fan in the form of Saudi Arabia King Abdulah. So you think the Saudi king is running the country on the Apple tablet? According to the report the king here in the photo is inaugurating the SR700 million new water project last Friday. The
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