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Big Brother Security App Banned

Earlier a list of passwords not to use was published. The post was complied from an iOS App called Big Brother Security. It made it to every banner as soon as the developer went public with the data.

Daniel Amitay carried out a little experiment by secretly collecting user’s 4 digit passwords from his Big Brother Security app. Though these intial findings were interesting his action of publishing them was rather an unwise thing to do.

Big Brother Security app was drawn out instantly when Apple ultimately got the news and, it appears that, collecting thin-skinned data like user’s passwords is not entertained in Cupertino.

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iOS 4.3 is now available for download

iOS 4.3 released by Apple is now available for download, software update provides useful features for owners of the iPad and later models of the iPhone and iPod Touch. The interesting one is Personal Hotspot, which allows user to share iPhone’s 3G connection with up to five mobile devices (combination
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iOS 4.3 version to be available today

According to report, iOS 4.3 version and will be available for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Apple TV. Rumors are going on that a code has been finalized by Apple for its forthcoming iOS 4.3 launches. The iOS 4.3 launch is being speculated to be launched today, the same day of
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Apple spells out Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

According to report, the new Apple 10.7 Lion is coming in the summer 2011. We can see , “The power of Mac OS X and the magic of iPad,” Moreover, it’s not about the rumored 10.7 Snow Cougar, but it’ll have Mac App Store, and many advanced features that merge iPad
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Qantas is offering iPad for IFE

We all hope that many airlines will follow Qantas’ lead, especially the ones too cheap to put entertainment consoles in their seatbacks. iPad is a natural for air travel, with its compact size, large screen and wide variety of available entertainment options. Australian airline Qantas is taking advantage of those features
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Auto desk released AutoCAD WS for iDevice

We were all waiting when AutoCAD® WS will be in the store and now finally Autodesk released the application for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. The user can open DWG drawings and uploaded to your free AutoCAD WS online workspace. There you can see all aspects of your DWG
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Sensors everywhere on iPads, iPhone from latest Apple patent

The latest patent published 2 days back from the Cupertino-based company provides a details working mechanism of the devices and features which include sundry sensors, including reactive and touch sensors, acoustic sensors and more… Here the patent abstract explains that the hand held devices with multiple touch sensing devices are
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iPad mount while driving with your BMW

Looking to buy a new BMW this year or already own one and looking to beautiful then here’s an option which you’ll want to add to the package. The interesting iPad mount was unveiled at the recent Paris auto show, BMW add feature for their 2011 BMW X3. The car
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