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Firefox 14 Available Now

Firefox 14

On Tuesday, 17 July 2012, Mozilla has launched Firefox version 14 for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux with some much-requested features. The update aims on security by encrypting your Google searches and also adding features for Web developers by adding new Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

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Firefox 10 Live Now

Firefox Logo

Years ago, Mozilla Firefox became the favorite browser for many when many viruses on Internet started targeting Internet Explorer (IE).

According to a study, majority people use IE to download Mozilla Firefox.

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Firefox 12 Bringing Full Screen To Mac OS X Lion?

Firefox Logo

Mozilla Firefox is the favorite browser for many today. It is compatible with all modern computers.

It has a large add-on library, and has powerful rendering engines. Windows, Mac, and Linux users can all use Firefox easily and conveniently. They are happy with their browsing results. Competition from Google Chrome and Internet Explorer does not bother Firefox.

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New Mozilla Update Fixes Crash On Mac OS X


After after offering gesture support to Mac OS X Lion, Mozilla are back with a new update, related to the latest version of Firefox.

Not just for Firefox, this one is for your convenience while using it on Mac.

If you are upset about your Mac crashing, then smile as your problem will be solved now.

Mozilla has released an update, aiming to fix a bug that was causing the browser to crash on Linux, Mac, and Windows systems.

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