Brazil-Built iPads Coming Soon

Months ago, we reported that Apple and its partner Foxconn had been given tax exemptions to manufacture iPad in Brazil which would be cheaper than imported iPad and create jobs for local people.

Apple Selling Brazil Made iPhone 4 Now

We recently reported about iPhone made in Brazil being as expensive as an imported iPhone. However, now it seems that Apple has started selling iPhone 4 units from Foxconn’s new Brazilian manufacturing plant, which has been operational since late 2011.

Brazilian Made iPhone 4 Expensive In Brazil

We have reported earlier about Apple’s interest in investing in Brazil. While talking about that, we also mentioned the plan from Apple’s partner Foxconn, to create factories and manufacturing units in Brazil.

Brazil Gives Tax Exemption To Foxconn

Recently, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that Apple saw a “huge opportunity” in Brazil. It turns out that sales was not the only thing that Cook had in his mind. Brazil has granted iPad assembler Foxconn special exemptions from Brazilian excise and other taxes, clearing the way for iPad production to begin in South American…