Massive Recruitment By Foxconn Raises iPhone Production Talk

Foxconn, one of Apple’s most important manufacturing partners in Asia is hiring new recruits on a massive scale. Due to this massive recruitment, speculation are rising that an augmented labor force is for the mass production of something new and something big.

Foxconn to Substitute Workers With 1 Million Robot

Foxconn has a huge agenda coming up in next three years. Xinhua reports that Foxconn has an intention to substitute few of its workers with around 1million robots, most probably by next three years. Terry Gou the founder and chairman of Foxconn have revealed that by making use of robots can reduce the rising labor…

Rumor: Foxconn to open new plant at Brazil

Rumors are going on that Foxconn has been slowing down production of iPad 2 parts at its plant at Taiwan. Bom Dia a Brazilian source state that Foxconn is looking to move its Apple assembly lines from China to Brazil, where the company already has plants for HP and Sony. [Via]

Foxconn settles iPhone manufacturing price surge

Foxconn, the main manufacturer of Apple’s iPhone, on Thursday confirmed an earlier report suggesting it will charge clients more for making mobile handsets. However, the company says competitors likely will not use the move to entice clients. “Most clients have already agreed to the new quotes,” Foxconn representatives told reporters. Moreover, on Wednesday, a Taiwan-based…

Did Foxconn surge manufacturing cost for iPhone, iPad?

Is Foxconn about to increase what it charges Apple and other companies to produce products like the iPhone and iPad? Oct 13 (Reuters) – Hon Hai, the world’s largest electronic parts maker, will raise prices from October for some clients, including Apple (AAPL.O), according to a Citibank analyst, a Taiwan newspaper reported on Wednesday. Citibank…