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Free Music Download Pro review: Sure is a ‘Pro’!

It’s safe to say that one of the reasons we own an iPhone is due to the excellent music output it delivers, satiating even the most demanding audiophiles. That is precisely why when I was asked to review a free music app on iOS, I pounced at the opportunity. Screen Shot 2012-12-24 at 6.35.35 PM Free Music Download Pro is a free music downloader and player app for iPhone and iPad. It lets you Download free and legal music, videos and live concerts directly to your device.

Free Music Download Pro – Downloader and Player  is from developer ASPS apps, who have a winner on their hands this time round. The interface is fairly simple but functional. The app itself doesnt contain music, but offers links that direct you to  legal music download sites. Its start screen supplies you with a list of several, including Jamendo andAudio Archive. You can download songs while listening to them right from the player.

Free Music Download Pro is certainly an appealing way to download, store, and play free music on your iPhone, but it has its shortcomings.
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