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Trailer of Geohot Biopic: Unlocked

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8g73GfmTtUM Speaking of jailbreaks, check out this trailer for Unlocked. Well, we can even say as a mock biopic in the style of The Social Network incorporating footage from his various media appearances as also as a movie starring The Wire’s Ziggy. To be frank, the trailer is splendid and the one
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Blacksn0w Demo by Geohot

Geohot has put a video on YouTube where he shows he can unlock the newest baseband version: 05.11.07. The unlock software he is going to release eventually is going to be called Blacksn0w. The software will probably be available for download on November 4th. The video doesn’t show much but is
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Apple vs Jailbreaking

Apple has released an extensive document against Jailbreak. Probably, using the latest statements of hackers around the security vulnerabilities due to Jailbreak, they say that besides being illegal (really?!?! cmon… ), destroys all the security systems designed ad hoc ( might be true… im sure there will be a fix
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