Google Chrome Drops Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard Support

Usually third party browsers are popular for those who are using older versions of an operating system. Browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Google Chrome tend to stick around much longer on older operating systems than native browsers such as Apple’s Safari or Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

Google Revised Gestures in Chrome for OS X Lion

Chrome Dev Channel in their releases notes has announced that Google is renewing its gestures in Chrome in-order to make compatible with the latest gestures in OS X Lion. Now it’s being confirmed that Chrome Dev channel has updated to 14.0.835.0 for Mac and Linux, and 14.0.835.2 for Windows.

Dear Safari, Good-bye Until You Start Performing

Okay, I accept, I’m that nerdy fanboy who’d uncritically go for anything Apple. Today, it’s about to change a wee. Till last week I can say I was admirer of the buggy Safari, specially Safari 5. Reason being – it comes from Apple. I never tried using other browsers. Not firefox as it looks like…