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Google Maps For iOS Refined With New Additions

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 4.09.25 amGoogle updated its Google Maps today, improving the app’s capabilities such as turn-by-turn direction ability. Google Maps will hereafter guide drivers with lane information through lane guidance feature added to the app. It will also be easier to take alternate routes while navigation due to this improvement.

While Google Maps have always aided the use of maps on an offline mode, there’s an improvement to this feature with the ‘save maps to use offline’ option inside the app, making it simpler to track saved routes. The app is added with various new filters to chose from, restaurant and venue selection based on hours, ratings, price, specific points of interest and more to save within the app.

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Google Maps for iPhone is Now Serving Ads

Google has started serving ads through the Google Maps iPhone application, according to SEL. The ads themselves look rather unobtrusive. When you perform a search, sponsored results are generated from your keywords. These results are denoted on the map by a different pin. In list view the sponsored result is highlighted in
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Apple seeks Google Maps independency

Computerworld reveals today, that in all quietness Apple acquired Placebase back in July. Placebase is a product similar to Google Maps with maps covering the whole world and availability to zoom in and out on places you want to get a closer look at. The differences though, are that Google
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