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Is Android App Developers Losing to iOS?

The fact remains that Android growth over the past year and half is tremendous. Google has introduced new features, fixed bugs and work to make Android better but sadly Google depends on middleman for example like carriers and hardware manufacturers to provides updates and still several phones runs older versions of the operating system (OS) in spite of the source code of the newest version is out in the open market.

A glimpse from the developer section of Android website reveals to us that more than half of the Android phones still ride Froyo- version which is more than a year but even the latest version of the operating system Gingerbread reports for fewer than 20% of Android phones.

Flurry, an analytics firm has published a statement which shows that Android is losing its charm –as developers are concerned. Keeping the sample audience surveys in mind, Folks let’s have a look at the thought course through a developers’ mentality.

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May be for now Android is running high in terms of smartphone market share with approximately 135 million devices, the iOS ecosystem has beat Android in terms of number of devices out in the market. Here, iOS developers developed apps for the iPhone and also for the iPads, iPod touch and now for Mac which accounts to around 200 millions devices. Looking at the target audience of 200 million and 135 million, people will prefer to opt for higher.

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Google Maps on Offline Mode

Google has introduced an offline mode of the Google Maps and thanks to a new feature called Donwload Map Area. No matter which part of the world you are in, the map will help you get your right way.

The Android app which was released last december has got an update of cached routes and surrounding areas. Google highlighted a new feature that helps everyone and comes in need to common man who use public transport everyday. Feature is turn – by – turn navigation for transit which will help you get off at the right bus station which is a really great and a tough task.

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$15,000 Bounty for Crowdsourced Research

Lodsys is facing growing risk and aggression among developers as it persists to push forward with its own actions.  This has led to an unending antagonism among its targets. It is the copyright holding company presently taking on App Store developers over their use of in app purchasing and upgrade buttons. Legal challenges were imposed on Lodsys and in the earlier week it was well-known that the first legal challenge had been brought on the lookout to nullify Lodsys’ patents including three other companies which also comprised the parent company of The New York Times.

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New Icons on Google Homepage

Here’s great news for iOS and android tech users who are foodies. Google has come up with four new icons on their homepage all related to food .The user just needs to enter the location and all the details about the near by Restaurants, coffee shops, bars and other eating cafes will be listed along with map, a brief address description and contact numbers.

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Disco Messenger: Secret Group Messaging App, Push with Version 2.0

Disco, a secret group messaging app from Google has ben updated. The Disco app allows user to receive texts messages through Push notifications.

TechCrunch found out that it is Google’s Slide Team, the team behind the app and website. But there is no extra information on this even the site and app has no record.

Disco Messenger is developed by Slide, Inc. and is compatible with iPhone. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

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