Axon Logic Hackintosh Tablet may outdo the iPad

Crunch gear recently reported on the release of the new Axon Haptic, a 10-inch touch screen tablet device priced approximately at $750 to $800 and capable of running not only both Windows and Linux, but also any Darwin-based operating system, including Mac OS X. We had some rumors back in April regarding an affordable hackintosh…

Atom can rock on with Mac OSX 10.6.2 kernel mod

With the latest Mac OSX update for Snow Leopard, v10.6.2, Intel Atom processors were no longer supported. This has consequences for a lot of Hackintoshers who installed Mac OSX on their netbooks using the hackintosh kernel-mod. But it took no longer than 2 weeks before the restrictive work of Apple was undone by a new hack of Mac OSX’s Darwin kernel.