Analysts Say We Will See New Retina Macs In June

When newly redesigned 15-inch MacBook Pro was seen as a rumor, earlier this month, many online reports surfaced that Apple had a slimmed down, all-new MacBook Pro sporting a Retina display, Ivy Bridge, and speedy USB 3.

Retina Display MacBooks Coming This Summer?

According to a source who spoke to Ars Technica, double-resolution icons were found in “unexpected places” of the Mountain Lion OS. This leads to the speculation of Apple possibly releasing Retina display MacBooks as early as this summer.

Comixology Brings HD Comics On New iPad

Digital comics are about to get a whole lot better. High Definition (HD) Comics are here, courtesy Comixology, publishers of the most popular comics-reading app on iOS. Comixlogy is about to roll out a new version that enables high-resolution graphics just for the Retina display found on the new iPad.

Retina Apple Mac Coming Soon

The first “breed” Apple Macs with a retina display is likely to hit the market this year. This news has come just after the speculations started becoming high.