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How To: Get Vonage on Your iPhone

I originally signed up with Vonage because it was inexpensive and it gave me unlimited calls to France (and other countries) where all my friends and family still are. As my fiance and I are planning our one-year trip around the globe, I started looking into getting Vonage on my
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Are Your Presentations Worthless?

presenterproonphoneRexi Media today released Presenter Pro 1.1, an iPhone app that helps you improve your delivery skills so that an audience benefits from your presence more so than if they had read your printed slides. Whether you present at a small meeting or a formal large event, here are four ways you can convince an audience that your presentation is worth attending.

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HowTo: Upload Photos And Videos Straight From iPhone 2G/3G

If you have a iPhone 2G/3G i bet you are hate those fancy  iPhone 3Gs users and their ability to record videos and upload them to YouTube straight from their iPhone right?

Well your envy days are over, because you can do that with your iPhone 2G/3G now, and you have a shitload of possibilities where you can upload your stuff. In your face iPhone 3GS.

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How to Purchase Cydia Application

Cydia Store has been opened for business for around three weeks. Have anyone purchased any Cydia Application from Cydia Store? I bought the first paid application – Cyntact from Cydia Store. The shopping experience from Cydia Store is very different from App Store. And, here I’d like to walk you through how you can purchase a paid Cydia application.

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How To Use Cydia

Last time, I mentioned I will write up a series of blog posts for jailbreak beginner to answer the question – What’s next after you jailbreak the iPhone? This is the 1st article for jailbreak beginner series that helps you unleash the power of jailbreak iPhone.

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