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Walt Mossberg Comment on HP TouchPad Vs. iPad

Ohh again! Walt Mossberg has come with the same technique of diverting people attention from Apple products and now with the iPad. Mossberg in a recent interview has brought the word ‘Compare’ with HP TouchPad to iPad. The only similarity he can present to the plate is the word tablet. He should know that iPad is the pioneer of the entire tablet generation.

Walt Mossberg has spoke with Lauren Goode and Julia Angwin about his review of new HP TouchPad. He reports that HP TouchPad webOS has an edge over iPad but he also admits that TouchPad lack long battery life as compared to iPad. Obviously, people wanting to buy a tablet will always consider long battery life, after all it is tablet. You don’t want to hang over with a charger very often, so ultimate choice is iPad which provides more than 10 hours battery life.

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