HTC Profits Fall 57% Due To Apple Injunction

In April 2012, HTC had blamed the popularity of iPhone 4S for the decline in its profits. Now an injunction from Apple really made the profits of HTC fall drastically.

HTC Blames iPhone 4S For Profit Drop

HTC’s quarterly earnings have been very low and not impressive at all. According to Associated Press, this is partially the result of a successful iPhone 4S campaign by Apple.

ITC Awards Apple Another Victory Against HTC

We have been informing you about the legal conflicts that Apple has had with Samsung and Motorola on regular basis. You may find it difficult to keep a track but Apple has also been locking horns with HTC as well and scarring victories over HTC.

Judge Rules In Apple’s Favor Regarding API Patent

Apple has spent an estimated $100 million dollars on the lawsuits it has filed against Android products. However, it seems that results from the court victories like the recent International Trade Commission (ITC) court victory over HTC do not yield those results for Apple that Apple expects.