iPhone 5 Coming On 21 September 2012?

According to a French blog site, the highly anticipated sixth-generation iPhone which has been named as iPhone 5 by Apple Fanboys, will be released on Friday, 21 September 2012. According to rumors, it would feature a larger screen and a 19-pin dock connector.

Massive Recruitment By Foxconn Raises iPhone Production Talk

Foxconn, one of Apple’s most important manufacturing partners in Asia is hiring new recruits on a massive scale. Due to this massive recruitment, speculation are rising that an augmented labor force is for the mass production of something new and something big.

Next iPhone To Have A Thinner Screen

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has reported that the next generation iPhone (nicknamed as iPhone 5) will use “in-cell” technology to make the screen thinner.

iPhone 5 Engineering Sample Photos Leaked?

The website GottaBeMobile is claiming to have obtained something what they call as “iPhone 5 engineering samples.” The photos they provided claim to be proof of a physical construction of the rumored next-generation iPhone design.

iPhone 4S Production Slowdown Confirmed

Is the popularity of iPhone 4S declining? Or the manufacturing units have shortage of equipments and spare parts to manufacture iPhone 4S! It certainly surprises us when we learn that the production of iPhone 4S is at a slow pace now. Well, the real reason is quiet different, and a good one.

Next iPhone May Feature HD FaceTime Camera?

iPhone 4S gave us Siri, which was something extraordinary and to a large extent, it was one of the first thing of its kind in the world of technology. Now obviously people expect something more from next generation iPhone (nicknamed as iPhone 5).