iFixit teardown iPad 2

Folks at iFixit use to tear down a new gadget, whenever they get in their hands. Now the same treatment has been meted down to the iPad 2. According to iFixit: After removing a few screws, the LCD was lifted off to expose the iPad 2’s 3.8V, 25 Watt-hour Li-Ion Polymer battery, a slight improvement…

Its surgery time.

It’s iPhone time, it’s surgery time. Everyone around is trying to have an hands on experience with the new iPhone along with fresh views. We have iFixit who have disassembled and dismantled the new iPhone.

InfoGraphic: iPhone 3GS Vs Nexus One

iFixit created a nice infographic, showing a direct comparison between the Nexus One and the iPhone 3GS. They believe the Nexus One deserves more attention so they show the good and bad point of the Nexus One and The iPhone in a nice infographic. Take a look at the Infographic after the break.