Apple to Unveil $350 iPhone, iPhone4S/5 in August

Reports are coming up that Apple will be retailing $350 iPhone sometime this year and also BGR revealed that the cupertino company will lower the current iPhone 4 price. The site also mentioned that Apple new iPhone4S/5 will debuting by the last week of August.

iPhone 5 About Redesigned Camera Parts Now Seems to be True

A Taiwanese site called as has published a photos, profess the parts as the fifth generation iPhone camera components. The photos are compares between iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 – which initiate that camera flash in iPhone 5 won’t be attached to the rear camera lens.

Leaked design image of iPhone 5 reveals larger edge to edge screen.

iDealsChina has posted an image which is rumored as the the engineering diagram of iPhone 5. The above images resembles iPhone 4 but the screen appears to be larger with edge to edge screen, which are similar to photo of the iPhone 5 front panel. [Via]