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Sharing Apple ID with your family

iCloud and iOS 5 were launched this past Wednesday. For iCloud, Using an "Apple ID" that can used by not just an individual but by whole family can be problematic. Before iOS 5 came, sharing Apple ID was not a problem as mostly Apple ID was used to purchase content on
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Tweet from anywhere in iOS 5 from Twitter Task

Ever since Twitter has entered our life, Tweeting has become a habit and thus everybody wants to share everything on twitter. Celebrities have found an easy way to connect with their fans on this micro-blogging site and people are promoting their activities here. This is a good news for people who
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Big Brother Security App Banned

Earlier a list of passwords not to use was published. The post was complied from an iOS App called Big Brother Security. It made it to every banner as soon as the developer went public with the data.

Daniel Amitay carried out a little experiment by secretly collecting user’s 4 digit passwords from his Big Brother Security app. Though these intial findings were interesting his action of publishing them was rather an unwise thing to do.

Big Brother Security app was drawn out instantly when Apple ultimately got the news and, it appears that, collecting thin-skinned data like user’s passwords is not entertained in Cupertino.

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