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iOS 5.0.1 fixes bug plaguing battery life

iOS 5.0.1

People who were unhappy to see the batteries of their iPhone 4S and iPad getting drained so quickly have a reason to smile.

Apple has released iOS 5.0.1 that fixes these problems. Apple claims that this update fixes the bugs that plague the battery life and document syncing. It also re-enables the app switching gestures that developers could previously access on iPad.

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Tweet from anywhere in iOS 5 from Twitter Task

Ever since Twitter has entered our life, Tweeting has become a habit and thus everybody wants to share everything on twitter. Celebrities have found an easy way to connect with their fans on this micro-blogging site and people are promoting their activities here. This is a good news for people who
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iOS Multitasking

The functioning of iOS backgrounding is frequently wondered about. The iOS backgrounding is different from the traditional multitasking. According to traditional multitasking, when you multitask on your desktop, every program you open runs. This consumes the battery of your computer and creates pressure(and possible overload) on your RAM. On the other
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The tabletwars, are they over without even starting?

A whole bunch of manufacturers are busy trying to create a killer tablet to be able to compete with the iPad. And for many of those manufacturers Google’s Android operating system is the way to go. The hopes are high, since Android already managed to take the leading market share in the smartphone market. A few years ago Apple’s iOS reigned supreme, but was forcefully dethroned by a never-ending series of competitive Android smartphones. But is the tablet business that comparable to the smartphone industry? And shouldn’t we compare it to a much older case, that isn’t that positive for other manufacturers but perhaps fits the bill way better?

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New Icons on Google Homepage

Here’s great news for iOS and android tech users who are foodies. Google has come up with four new icons on their homepage all related to food .The user just needs to enter the location and all the details about the near by Restaurants, coffee shops, bars and other eating cafes will be listed along with map, a brief address description and contact numbers.

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