Apple Testing 7.85-Inch iPad In Secret Lab?

In Smallville TV show, Lex Luthor conducted experiments on people infected by green Kryptonite in super-secret laboratories of Project 33.1. If rumors are to believed, now Apple is also doing something similar thing, not on meteor-freaks, but on iPad.

iPad 3 To Have 4G LTE Networking

The online sources that were first to report the plans of Apple to hold their iPad 3 event on 7 March 2012 are saying that the announcement will include 4G LTE networking.

New iPad Maybe Named As iPadHD Instead Of iPad 3

With the launch of iPad 3 less than 24 hours away, another rumor has surfaced claiming that Apple has plans to step away from the numerical naming convention with the next iPad and introduce the iPad HD this Wednesday, 7 March 2012.

iPad 3 Price Not To Change From iPad 2

For some time, there have been reports stating that the new iPad 3 will go on sale at a mark up on the original iPad prices by $70-$80 due to the higher spec.

7.85-inch iPad Coming Later This Year?

The launch of iPad 3 is less than a week away. However, this cannot deter rumor mongers to spread news about a smaller iPad. We have been hearing about “iPad mini” for more than a year now.

More iPad 3 Rumors Resurface Again

Apple has officially announced to launch iPad 3 on 7 March 2012. Now rumors about release date cannot be spread. However, this is not vacation time for rumor mongers as they can still spread rumors about iPad 3 features and abilities.