Steve Wozniak Queues For The New iPad

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is once again first in the queue for the new iPad. However, this time he is at a different location than usual. Shira Lazar of What’s Trending reported that Wozniak and his wife were waiting in a queue for the iPad at Westfield Mall in Century City, Los Angeles.

New iPad Will Be Available This Friday At 8 AM?

iPad lovers have already pre-ordered the new iPad, as it is set to deliver and go on sale in-stores this Friday. Apple confirmed that the first wave of iPads are sold out and that demand for the new tablet is “off the charts”.

New iPad Will Be Shipped With A Delay Of 2-3 Weeks

It seems like Apple has decided to test the patience of Apple Fanboys, probably to see how much Apple Fanboys love Apple and all iDevices that are released by Apple. That is why, after announcing the new iPad (also popularly known as iPad 3 among fans), Apple has delayed it shipment.

1 GB RAM For New iPad?

The new iPad has been launched. At the event, then the features of new iPad were discussed, one major remained question unanswered. That was, how much Random Access Memory (RAM) will the new iPad have?